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Fund Your Laptop with Bank of Ireland
You can apply for a Student Loan with Bank of Ireland to help spread the cost of your Laptops4Students laptop bundle. Taken over a 12 month period, the cost of your college laptop can be just 65.96 per month. The Bank of Ireland loan offer is available to any student * purchasing a laptop through this programme, subject to lending criteria and terms and conditions. Full costs of the various laptop bundles and costs of credit with total amounts repayable are set out in the table below:





Cost of Credit

Total Repayable

Variable Rate

Bundle 1





10.8% APR

Bundle 2





10.8% APR

Bundle 3





10.8% APR

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Funding your laptop bundle is easy.

Simply drop into your local Bank of Ireland branch and ask any customer service representative about the Laptops4Students offer. You can apply for a loan there and then. To locate your nearest branch click on the following link: BOI Branch Locator.

Alternatively call our finance helpline on 01 8091500 and we will be happy to assist.

* Lending criteria and terms and conditions apply. Applicants must be aged 18 or over. Offer applies to students only. Evidence of student status required. A parental guarantee may be required. The repayments on a loan of €839 over a period of 1 year are €73.88 per month based on a variable rate of 10.8% APR. Total cost of credit is €47.56, excluding Payment Protection Insurance (PPI). PPI is not available on this product. Rates quoted, are correct as at 29th June 2010 and are subject to change. Bank of Ireland is regulated by the Financial Regulator.