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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can buy laptop bundles at Laptops4Students?

This site is for students and their parents and is intended to supply low-cost high-quality laptops for study and home use. Anyone who is a student (school or college) in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland can avail of the programme.

Why are products so much cheaper at Laptops4Students?

Laptops4Students is a programme designed with Hewlett Packard, Intel, Microsoft and other companies to help students and parents access the highest quality laptop computers with professional versions of software for study and home use. As a Microsoft certified partner and HP Gold Partner, we have access to education specific pricing which are in turn passed onto our customers.

Why should I buy at Laptops4Students?

The Laptops4Students programme provides laptop bundles that bring together all the essentials you need for study at school or college. We preload the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional suite of applications along with Mc Afee anti-virus. We also include a carry-case and 32gb memory key with every laptop bundle.  All laptop bundles ship with a great 3 year warranty.
Through our partnerships with Hewlett Packard, Mc Afee and Microsoft we can bring you the best value hardware and software available in Ireland today.

Who is my warranty held with?

Your Warranty is held with HP, so if you are having issues please contact the HP Warranty line first on 1890 946 500.

Why are there four laptop bundles?

We offer four levels of laptop bundle to cater for different needs and budget.

What type of warranty have the laptops?

All laptop bundles (Starter, Bundle 1, Bundle 2 and Bundle 3) come with a comprehensive three year warranty from Hewlett Packard. Standalone laptops (Starter Laptop, Laptop 1, Laptop 2 and Laptop 3) come with a 1 year warranty.

Why Microsoft Office Professional?

With Office Professional 2013 students have the essentials needed to get tasks done quickly and easily including managing e-mail, calendar, and contacts. School, college or university work will all benefit from these unique study-friendly features. Microsoft Office Professional provides much more than the Student & Teacher and Basic versions of Office. Office Professional includes:
Word 2013, Excel 2013, PowerPoint 2013, OneNote 2013, Outlook 2013, Publisher 2013 and Access 2013.

Why Windows XP Professional?

Most colleges require that your laptop has a professional operating system (Windows XP Professional or Windows Vista Business) to access the college network. Typically a laptop with a Windows XP Home or Vista Home operating system will not be able to access the college network.  We recommend third-level students opt for a laptop with Microsoft XP Professional Operating System as standard (i.e. Laptop Bundles 1, 2 or 3).

How can I pay for my order and is buying online safe?

You can buy at Laptops4Students using your credit or debit card and the online transaction is totally safe. We use secure encrypted transmission of your payment details, so no-one can see or record your credit or debit card number. And we never store any payment card information.

Will I receive an order confirmation?

Yes. A sales receipt is sent automatically to you by email after you place your order.

How is the laptop bundle shipped?

The Laptop bundle with the pre-loaded software, backpack and memory key are shipped to you as soon as your order is received. All orders are usually dispatched with a courrier within 24 hours. Most orders are received within 2-3 working days.